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Montgomery County Green Bank connects contractors of all kinds – commercial, residential, solar, heating and cooling, and others – with residents and businesses that are considering new construction, renovation, and improvement projects. Customers seek out Green Bank partner contractors for technical know-how, quality assurance, and connections to affordable financing options. These connections improve contractor networks and help accelerate clean energy projects across the County.

Programs for Contractors

Find the financing options that are right for your project. Together we can lower barriers to deploying more clean energy and increasing energy efficiency, improving the bottom line for both you and your clients. Learn more about our programs below.


Homeowners can make energy efficient upgrades by replacing an HVAC system, installing solar or geothermal, or adding insulation. By partnering with the Montgomery County Green Bank, you can grow your customer base and offer more solutions for their needs.


Help your customers undertake clean energy projects that improve the value of their building. Take advantage of Montgomery County Green Bank financing by becoming an authorized contractor.

Tailored Structured Finance

We know that no project is the same. With the Tailored Structured Finance program, you can find solutions for your customers who have complex financing needs that cannot be solved with conventional financing or lending.

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