Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy


Innovative financing for buildings new & old.

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) authorizes private capital providers to provide commercial property owners with financing for qualifying projects and to collect the repayment through annual or semi-annual surcharges on the property’s tax bill. By lowering the property’s energy expenses, C-PACE makes the building more inviting and affordable to tenants and, consequently, more valuable.

How does C-PACE work?

Choose a Participating Contractor.

They will help establish your scope of work and determine its eligibility for C-PACE Financing.

See If You’re Eligible.

Contact a Participating C-PACE Capital Provider.

Contact our C-PACE registered capital providers and learn more about the C-PACE program.They will ask you to share your scope of work and fill out an application. Upon approval, they will share the loan terms available for your project. Once you select your lender, they will guide you through the application and approval process from that point on.

What are the benefits of C-PACE?

Accessible & Affordable

Up to 100% upfront, 20-year financing

Innovative Financing

Tax obligation transfers with the property

Benefits for All

Assessments and savings can pass to tenants

See an Improved ROI

C-PACE can make projects cash flow positive

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