Tailored Structured Finance

Make clean energy work for you.

Tailored Structured Finance is a financial tool that is available to companies and property owners in Montgomery County, MD, who have complex financing needs that cannot be solved with conventional financing or lending. Traditional lenders and banks do not generally offer structured financing, so this offers a more customized tool that can be adjusted for those who need solutions for city projects, educational facilities, or solar farms, just to name a few.

How does Structured Tailored Financing work?

We’ll work with you.

Every project is different, so reach out! Montgomery County Green Bank can offer such financing with its own sources or a blended capital with our partners and capital providers.

What are the benefits of Tailored Structured Financing?

Accessible & Affordable

100% upfront financing

Stable & Secure

Financing below the market interest rate


Tailor made for your needs

See an Improved ROI

Rates based on projected cash-flows instead of historicals, promoting cash-flow positive projects