Find a solution for your home with our Residential Programs.

Discover Clean Energy opportunities for your home.

Our Residential Financing programs provide Montgomery County homeowners with easy ways to finance projects to improve the energy efficiency of your home or install renewable energy systems – all to reduce your energy usage and save money on electricity bills. With access to participating partners, the Montgomery County Green Bank links you to preferential financing and a transparent lending process.

Energy Efficiency Financing

Offered in Partnership with Maryland Clean Energy Center as part of an EmPOWER Maryland supported program.

Program Highlights

  • Air Leakage Reduction, Insulation, Duct Sealing

  • High Efficiency Electric or Gas Heating, Cooling or Hot Water

  • 100% Upfront Financing

  • Available funds between $3,000 and $25,000

Renewable Energy Financing

Support for installation of solar panels, geothermal, and energy storage on your home.

Program Highlights

  • Solar PV

  • Geothermal

  • Energy Storage

  • Access Solar Specialty Financing

  • 100% Upfront Financing

  • Lower interest loans to purchase

Access Solar Financing

Focused financing options for income-qualified homeowners for installing solar panels.

Program Highlights

  • Option to Purchase

    • Upfront funding on state incentives to help reduce system costs
    • Lower interest rate loans to cover 100% of system costs
  • Option to Rent

    • Agreement that provides lower electricity costs to homeowner
    • No out-of-pocket costs to homeowner for system
    • No maintenance or insurance responsibilities