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MCGB’s Unique Community Solar Projects Give Back to Faith-Based Organizations

Faith-based organizations have always been pillars of support and change in communities. Today, they are championing a new cause: community solar. In partnership with ...

Reach Out ASAP for Benchmarking and Data Verification Help

Need last-minute help with benchmarking and data verification to meet Montgomery County’s June 1, 2023 deadline? Then contact the Green Bank immediately. We partner ...

Residential Solar PV with Battery Storage

How battery backup with Solar Photovoltaics (PV) creates homeowner resiliency Cindy McCabe – March 2021 If you have ever wondered about getting battery backup for ...

Solar PV – What is it and is it important?

Cindy McCabe - February 2021 If you have ever looked into getting a solar PV system, you may have heard or read about a concept ...



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