Create a healthier home and a healthier planet, all while putting money back into your pocket.

Why Clean Energy?

Lower Your Utility Bills

Live in a Healthier Home

Invest in Your Home’s Value and a Cleaner Future

Clean Energy Projects for Homeowners

By upgrading the way your home uses and sources energy, you can improve your home’s energy consumption, create savings, and be part of a cleaner future.

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Undertaking an Energy Efficiency project, like air sealing or HVAC?

Looking to do a Renewable Energy project, like Solar PV or Geothermal?

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Learn how a homeowner is projected to save $1,960 annually with the installation of Solar PV.


With the installation of a geothermal system with a water furnace, this single family home was able to convert 24,584 kWh from gas to renewable energy.

Loan Calculator

The Montgomery County Green Bank has partnered with lender(s) to offer you preferred terms and interest rates not generally offered to the public.

If you know your desired loan term and corresponding interest rate, please use the following steps. If you want to review the loan terms and interest rates, click here

  • Check your project contract or proposal to find the total amount of your project. Enter that in the “Loan Amount” space at the top.

  • Enter the number of years you want to take out your loan for.

  • Enter the interest rate that corresponds with the loan and term you are looking for. Interest rates provided are for best credit score. You may be approved for a higher interest rate depending on your credit score.

  • Do not to include commas, dollar signs or any special characters when using the calculator.

  • Click on the Calculate button to see your estimated monthly payment.

The results are preliminary and are not the actual loan payment amounts which will be determined by the lender after you complete your loan application with your selected lender. Monthly loan payments are fixed for the term of the loan and include interest.

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