Interested in the “business case” for energy upgrades on your commercial property?

Commercial property owners facing new County requirements, alongside traditional building energy upgrade needs, need expert assistance developing the business case for improvements now more than ever. In response to the market need, the Green Bank launched a Technical Assistance (TA) program that supports studies for commercial sector owners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, generates jobs for contractors, and encourages compliance with County requirements. The studies inform and accelerate investment decisions in energy efficiency and renewable energy (e.g., solar PV) projects that improve building energy performance. In addition, our prequalified service providers help property owners benchmark their buildings, integrate the County’s evolving Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) requirements into multi-year building improvement plans, and understand the potential for electrification.

Eligible Property Types: The Green Bank TA program serves commercial entities. Eligible property types include but are not limited to office, industrial, retail, hospitality, common ownership communities, multifamily rental (market rate and affordable), and nonprofit-owned properties such as faith-based and educational institutions. There are no square footage requirements.

Eligible Study Types: Studies may include ASHRAE Level I, Level II, Level III/ Investment Grade audits and/or targeted analyses into benchmarking, energy efficiency, renewable energy (e.g., solar PV), electrification, EV charging infrastructure, and resiliency measures.

How does the Technical Assistance program work?

Green Bank Supports Study Costs for Property Owners:

  • The Green Bank works with property owners and a prequalified service provider to identify a study plan. If the owner doesn’t currently have a service provider on the team we can provide referrals.
  • The service provider provides a quote to perform the study.
  • The Green Bank then reviews the service provider’s proposal and determines an appropriate level of funding support to aid property owners to undertake the study.
  • Property owner signs an agreement with the service provider showing the price net of Technical Assistance funding support.
  • Service provider subtracts Green Bank support from the property owner’s invoice and the property owner is responsible for the remainder.

Apply for Technical Assistance Funds: Prequalified energy audit service providers and property owners in the County may use the application form below to request Green Bank Technical Assistance program funds. Get started today!

Still have questions? Email the Technical Assistance Program Director at

Technical Assistance Program Application Form