Access Solar Financing

Save green by going green.

Two easy ways to finance energy projects that can save you money and help the environment. The Access Solar program offers income-qualified households in Montgomery County, MD exclusive, flexible financing options for solar PV installed on their home.

Who can participate in Access Solar Financing?

Available for income-qualified households in Montgomery County, MD who are participating in the Capital Area Co-Op through Solar United Neighbors (SUN), or homeowners not using the co-op when using an Access Solar participating installer.

See if you’re eligibile.

View this quick guide to see if the Access Solar Specialty Financing  program is right for you.

You have options.

Option to Purchase

This option helps you with the upfront costs and/or paying for the system over time. Funding covers some of the overall system costs and reduces your system payment. Short-term and long-term loans are also available to cover up to 100% of the balance of the system costs.

Option to Rent

A no out-of-pocket approach for a system to be installed on your property and you enter a contract to buy power at an established price less than your utility charges.

Under a Power Purchase Agreement in partnership with Sunnova, your installer builds, finances, and maintains the solar system, and you agree to buy only the power generated by the system at a set price. You are not responsible for system assembly costs, insurance fees, and maintenance.