Project Snapshot

Solar PV Case Study


About the Building

Single-family, two story detached home located in Kensington, Maryland

Property Upgrade Summary

13.47kW Solar PV system

Projected Energy Savings

This solar PV system will produce more than 14,000 kilowatt hours per year of clean, renewable energy for the home with a projected savings of $1,960 in reduced electricity bills annually and will lower greenhouse gas emissions by 10.3 metric tons of carbon dioxide kept out of the atmosphere.

About the Project

The solar PV system consists of 49 Hanwa 320 Watt solar modules 15.68 kW with 49 Enphase IQ7-60-x-US microinverters and the state-of-the art Enphase remote monitoring platform.

Financing Details

The Clean Energy Credit Union, supported by the Green Bank under the Green Bank’s Clean Energy Advantage program, provided a loan to cover 74% of project costs to help finance the project. The owner will access federal income tax credits for about 26% of the solar project costs.

About Solar

Solar PV systems use a multitude of photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity. When light shines on the PV cell, the components move rapidly and create electricity; and stronger sunlight creates more electricity. The energy that is created flows through wiring connected to the panels to an inverter or inverters, which change the energy from direct current to alternating current, which is the type of current used in homes and buildings. The energy from the inverter is connected to an electric fuse box or a dedicated set of breakers to power whatever appliances or electric loads are pulling electricity when the solar energy comes through. In most cases, the building will use the energy from the solar system primarily before using electricity from the utility grid. Any solar energy that the building does not need at the time will be send back to the utility grid and metered as negative usage for billing credits.

Montgomery County Green Bank’s Role

The Green Bank is currently assisting many more customers in the County’s solar co-op program using the Green Bank’s Clean Energy Advantage program. The Clean Energy Advantage program provides 100% financing for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Montgomery County with competitive rates. Learn more about our Clean Energy Advantage program here.