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Takoma Overlook Condominiums

Project Snapshot

Takoma Overlook Condominiums

About the Building

212-unit affordable residential condominium in a high-rise in Takoma Park, Maryland

Property Upgrade Summary

Energy Efficiency upgrades including boilers, domestic water heaters, a new cogeneration system for on-site power on‐site and domestic hot water, switchgear, occupancy‐sensing thermostats, new ultra‐high‐efficiency motors to system pumps, and an EV Charger in the parking lot. Improvements support reduction in energy consumption by 20%.

Green Bank Financing

$837,000 CLEER Loan by Sandy Spring Bank and a $200,000 bridge loan by the Green Bank and City First Enterprises. Closed December 2019.

About the Project

The Board and residents of Takoma Overlook spent a couple years exploring the options to conduct needed energy efficiency improvements to their property. In 2019, the association pursued a comprehensive set of improvements to reduce operating costs associated with the aging systems and also find savings in the reduced energy consumption. With all replacements undertaken, the property’s average annual energy consumption savings is projected at almost $75,000 kWh per year and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 500 metric tons annually.

Financing Details

The Green Bank with Sandy Spring Bank and City First Enterprises provided the capital necessary for the HVAC replacement.

Total Cost for Project$1,500,000
CLEER Program Loan (Sandy Spring Bank)$837,000
Bridge Loan (City First Enterprises and Green Bank)$200,000
Maryland Energy Administration$75,000
Pepco Incentives$14,000
Other Capital$374,000

Montgomery County Green Bank’s Role

The CLEER Program of the Montgomery County Green Bank brought the partner and the needed loan capital from Sandy Spring Bank. The Green Bank also worked with City First Enterprises, a local community development financial institution, to provide a short-term facility for the Association to meet its capital requirements for the loan.

Glascock Office Building

Project Snapshot

Glascock Office Building

About the Building

23,542 square foot commercial office located in Bethesda, Maryland

Property Upgrade Summary

Energy Efficiency upgrades including HVAC replacement reducing energy consumption by 17%, or 50,000 kWh per year.  This was final energy efficiency effort following duct insulation, building automation, LED lighting, air sealing.

Green Bank Financing

$206,500 CLEER Loan with Sandy Spring Bank for HVAC Replacement.  Closed June 2019.

About the Project

The tenants of the Glascock Office Building represent leaders in environmental advocacy and have pursued a series of comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades since 2006.  The property owners capped off their series of upgrades with the replacement of their HVAC system with a new energy-efficient 120-ton rooftop HVAC unit.   With all replacements undertaken, the property’s average annual energy consumption savings is projected at 145,000 kWh per year, furthering the building’s legacy as ENERGY STAR Certified.  The partnership between the Montgomery County Green Bank and Sandy Spring Bank brought affordable financing to the building owners so the project could proceed. The Glascock Office Building will enjoy lower energy costs, a more comfortable space, and greater control over their energy use from the series of energy upgrades.

Financing Details

The Green Bank with Sandy Spring Bank provided the capital necessary for the HVAC replacement.

Total Cost for HVAC Replacement$206,500
CLEER Program Loan$206,500
Pepco Incentive$14,000
Other Capital$0

Montgomery County Green Bank’s Role

The CLEER Program of the Montgomery County Green Bank brought partner and the needed capital from local bank, Sandy Spring Bank, to support the Glascock Office Building’s HVAC Replacement.

Solar Energy World: Big Solar for Our Community

Montgomery County Green Bank’s Green Partners

Welcome to our Green Partners series, highlighting our partners in the community that help make Montgomery County Green Bank a success.

We talked with Daren Weatherby, Solar Analyst with Solar Energy World, to learn about their latest successes and why they are proud to partner with the Montgomery County Green Bank.

Tell us about Solar Energy World and your work there.

Daren Weatherby [DW]: 

Solar Energy World has been around for about 11 years and has completed around 12,000 installations just in the DC-Maryland-Virginia Region. It’s the largest solar company in Maryland and has recently begun new expansions into New Jersey and Florida. We are proud to have partnered with the Montgomery County Solar Co-op, going on three years now!

My role is a solar analyst. I’ve been working in solar for over 5 years and been with Solar Energy World for 2 years. I am here to guide people interested in solar in the right direction, help them design a system to fit their needs, and advise on installation choices. I provide consultation with customers, answer questions, and if they are ready to move forward, I stay with them and become the project manager for their project and shepherd it through the process. At any given time, I’m working on 30-40 projects. I enjoy building and maintaining the relationship with customers, and of course, growing the businesses and bringing more solar online!

What’s something exciting you’re working on now?

DW: Being selected for the Montgomery County Solar and EV Coop is exciting work. In fact, we also won our bid to do the Northern Virginia Solarize Coops! These Coops are another way we reach out to the community and spread solar in different ways.

We’re also recently Tesla Powerwall certified. We’re excited to be ramping up battery installations and can currently offer a couple different battery options – Enphase and Tesla Powerwall technology.

Why do you choose to partner with the MC Green Bank as an Authorized Contractor with the Clean Energy Advantage program?

DW: I like to find new ways to reach out to the community. We’ve known about the Green Bank for a couple years now, and when the Montgomery County Solar Coop presented an opportunity to partner with the Green Bank and give back to the community, we joined. The Coop is beneficial for customers, but partnered with the Green Bank, customers can get group pricing, good rates, and there’s no contractor fee. We can offer better programs than we would without that partnership, and we have a handful of customers in the Coop working with the Clean Energy Advantage program to get great financing from the Clean Energy Credit Union, thanks to the Green Bank.

What are the key decisions your customers make when moving a project forward?

DW: Placement and arrangement of the array is a big decision for customers. This is an area where I can offer to guide them in the right direction, advise on ways to maximize the value of their roof space and panel orientation. Customers also need to know their long-term future, since this can determine how they want to go solar: own or lease? Many will lease knowing they are producing clean energy, saving money, while not having to make the investment of ownership. I will do a lot of discovery with each customer to find out about what is bringing them to solar and find the right solution to fit their needs.

What do your customers reflect on as the most surprising or rewarding when the work is completed?

DW: Above and beyond, customers have an enormous sense of pride knowing they are contributing to a

positive carbon footprint – that as they look up at their solar panels, they see concrete demonstration that they are part of the solution. They revel in knowing they are producing their own power and that it’s coming from the sun. Also, when they see that first utility bill after the solar comes on, they are positively shocked. After paying a utility bill their whole life, to receive a bill that is so low, or even negative, is a huge takeaway.

What benefits of CLEER do you most promote most with your clients?

DW: With Montgomery County Coop customers, these folks want solar and have signed on for the aggressive discount, but many still don’t have the cash to pay for it all upfront. We were delighted to find that the Green Bank had a solution. The Clean Energy Advantage program currently offers loans without the contractor fee, which allows us to pass on even more savings to the customer. We think it’s great to work with the local Clean Energy Credit Union while giving our customers access to capital that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

October 2020

Montgomery County Green Bank Partners with Sandy Spring Bank to Provide Energy-Saving Loan to Glen Manor Condominiums in Silver Spring

Loan Program Reduces Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the County

September 29, 2020

For Immediate Release

Media contact: Tom Deyo, Montgomery County Green Bank Chief Executive Officer, 301-538-2636,

(Sandy Spring contact:) Sam Price, Vice President, Marketing, Sandy Spring Bank, 301.260.3614,

ROCKVILLE – The Montgomery County Green Bank (“Green Bank”) and Sandy Spring Bank today announced they have partnered to help another commercial property in the County implement energy-saving measures that will improve operating costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the County. The Glen Manor Condominiums in Silver Spring, Md. used the Green Bank’s Commercial Loan For Energy Efficiency and Renewables (CLEER) program to finance $512,000 in operational and energy efficiencies. This will reduce the property’s energy consumption equivalent to 280 tons of carbon dioxide annually over the next 10 years.

Glen Manor is a 32-unit affordable condominium in a prime location with diverse residents consisting of families, couples and single individuals of all ages.  Aging mechanical systems needed repair and the community explored options for over two years, including selling the property. The community’s love of the property created  a different solution. The partnership between Green Bank and Sandy Spring Bank helped Glen Manor obtain the necessary financing early in the process so the project could proceed quickly.

“The road to getting to this point took intention and dedication on the part of our community to achieve important energy efficiency and operational efficiencies. These improvements will help us be a sustainable community for the long haul,” said Brian Haaser of Glen Manor Condominiums. “The support of the Montgomery County Green Bank and Sandy Spring Bank was key to getting to the finish line and implementing our vision. They worked collaboratively as a team to provide the critical financing we needed.”

“The financing of the Glen Manor Condominiums to undertake critical energy efficiency improvements demonstrates the Montgomery County Green Bank’s mission to partner with private capital to accelerate investment in clean energy,” said Tom Deyo, CEO of the Montgomery County Green Bank. “Our continuing work with Sandy Spring Bank under the CLEER program is bringing much needed capital for energy efficiency projects in support of the County’s significant environmental goals and critical housing in the County.” This is the third loan to be closed under the CLEER program with Sandy Spring Bank.

To date, $2 million in commercial and affordable housing projects have been financed by Sandy Spring Bank through the CLEER program to help properties reduce their environmental footprint, gain operating cost benefits, create comfort and value for their residents, and help the County toward its goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Collective energy savings for these properties is nearly $80,000 annually and the reduction of 560 tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year, equivalent to saving all of the electricity used by 95 homes in the County each year.

“Energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements are fundamental for improving the environment in the County and the nation,” said Ken Cook, Executive Vice President of Commercial  Banking at Sandy Spring Bank. “Sandy Spring Bank is proud to partner with the Montgomery County Green Bank to provide the critical funds needed to make Montgomery County homes and businesses more environmentally and economically sustainable. The Glen Manor Condominiums is yet another example of how this partnership is producing results and benefits.”

About Montgomery County Green Bank
The Montgomery County Green Bank is a publicly-chartered nonprofit dedicated to accelerating affordable energy efficiency and clean energy investment in Montgomery County, MD.  We partner with the private sector to build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusively prosperous, resilient, sustainable, and healthy community. Our work supports Montgomery County’s goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.  For more information, visit


About Sandy Spring Bancorp, Inc. 
Sandy Spring Bancorp, Inc., headquartered in Olney, Maryland, is the holding company for Sandy Spring Bank, a premier community bank in the Greater Washington, D.C. region. With over 65 locations, the bank offers a broad range of commercial and retail banking, mortgage, private banking, and trust services throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Through its subsidiaries, Rembert Pendleton Jackson, Sandy Spring Insurance Corporation and West Financial Services, Inc., Sandy Spring Bank also offers a comprehensive menu of insurance and wealth management services. For more information,

Meet Jean Moyer: MC Green Bank’s Business Operations Manager


Greetings, I am very excited to join the Montgomery County Green Bank team! I am a long time Montgomery County resident and have been an environmental supporter since I was a teenager. I am thrilled by the opportunity to bring my professional experience full circle to supporting the environment and the work of the Green Bank as it enables County residents and businesses to achieve energy savings and deploy renewable energy products.

Before joining the Bank, I utilized my accounting degree and CPA experience in various capacities in multiple non-profit organizations. I have a long background in audit, compliance, grants management, and finance, primarily in the conservation arena. I am excited to be leveraging my experience and skills to ensure that the Green Bank’s activities are effectively and efficiently run with best business practices and sound internal controls.

My interests outside of work include gardening, working on my 80 year-old house, and taking long walks with my 2 rescue dogs. I have 3 adult children, all living in different states, and now that they are grown, I have more time to devote to volunteering for my local community and my church to support social and environmental justice. I am happy that my professional life is now in closer alignment with my personal life values and interests. I look forward to ensuring the business success of the Green Bank!

Notice of November 18, 2020 Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday November 18, 2020, 1:30-4:30 pm
Location: Teleconference

The Montgomery County Green Bank will be holding a Board of Directors Meeting on Wednesday November 18, 2020 at 1:30:00 am. The public is permitted to attend this meeting.  If you would like to be there, please RSVP in advance to You can find the meeting agenda here.

Notice of November 05, 2020 Board Meeting

Date: Tuesday November 05, 2020, 8:00-9:00 am
Location: Teleconference

The Montgomery County Green Bank will be holding a Board of Directors Meeting on Thursday November 05, 2020 at 8:00 am. The public is permitted to attend this meeting. If you would like to be there, please RSVP in advance to You can find the meeting agenda by clicking here.

Notice of September 16, 2020 Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday September 16, 2020, 1:30-4:30 pm
Location: Teleconference

The Montgomery County Green Bank will be holding a Board of Directors Meeting on Wednesday September 16, 2020 at 1:30-4:30 pm. The public is permitted to attend this meeting.  If you would like to be there, please RSVP in advance to The meeting agenda can be found here.

Meet Cindy McCabe: MC Green Bank’s Residential Solar Program Manager

The MC Green Bank team is growing! We are thrilled to welcome Cindy McCabe as the Bank’s Residential Solar Program Manager. As the Residential Solar Program Manager, Cindy will be our go to person for all things Residential Solar, particularly as the Green Bank enters a new phase of increased clean energy and renewable activities. Hear from Cindy on joining the Bank:

“Hello everyone!

My name is Cindy McCabe and I am delighted to join the Montgomery County Green Bank team! I am excited to establish a financing and outreach program that helps to empower more low- and moderate-income residents to be able to sign up for solar energy for their households. Since the beginning of my career in solar energy, I have been passionate about enabling those less fortunate than others to take hold of the reins of climate change for themselves by adding solar energy to the power that they use in their own residence. 

Before coming to the Green Bank, I worked at Tesla in solar sales management and at Ipsun Solar in residential project management. I first realized my passion in environmental work years earlier, however, while serving in the Peace Corps.  After 3 months of intensive training, I spent 2 years in a very remote village in the desert plains of Bolivia where I spearheaded and completed a successful and sustainable environmental project.  

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to volunteer at a local animal shelter, where I help in adoptions counseling and as a dog foster parent. For the past ten years I have also been volunteering with the Sierra Club, which is the country’s oldest and largest environmental organization. From here, I look forward to connecting with all of the Bank’s partners and associates to continue to advance the success of our Green Bank. Connect with me via the contact information below.”

Cindy McCabe

Webinar – Supporting the Energy Efficiency Recovery

The Montgomery County Green Bank was joined by the Maryland Building Performance Association and energy efficiency providers for this webinar supporting efforts to help the recovery of the energy efficiency marketplace.

Learn about how other home performance contractors are navigating the new normal of energy contracting during the Covid 19 pandemic. Plus, hear about the Green Bank promotions being offered for a limited time under the Green Bank’s Clean Energy Advantage program, including waiver of Green Bank fees and lower homeowner interest rates. These promotions are being offered to support the recovery of the energy efficiency marketplace for homeowners desiring to undertake energy efficiency work and for the contractors providing the service.


Webinar – Launch of Small Business Recovery Financing

The Montgomery County Green Bank is excited to announce and and provide details on the launch of it’s Small Business Energy Savings Support product! The Small Business Energy Savings Support product will cover the upfront costs of energy efficiency retrofits AND a portion can be used for non-energy systems necessary to keep people safe. Help your customers improve indoor air quality, prioritize health and safety, lower operating costs, and get back to business with flexible financing tailored for small to medium sized businesses:

Watch the webinar below for details:

Health and Safety to Get Back in Business: How the Green Bank Can Help You

As our community continues to navigate the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is asking when can we return to our offices, restaurants, and stores. Reopening during a pandemic requires that business owners and property managers consider factors such as local restrictions, individual business plans, and health safeguards.

The Montgomery County Green Bank has been reaching out and listening to the needs, practices, and strategies of operating a business during COVID-19. And we are hearing that the health and safety of employees and customers is paramount. We are also hearing that businesses will only reopen when they are confident doing so will promote public safety.

Immediate practices such as cleaning and social distancing are integral to health and safety. Businesses are adding wipe-down routines, installing partitions, investing in disinfectant supplies, and emphasizing physical distancing to help employees and customers maintain healthy environments.

Businesses are also positioning properties for the longer term as they consider how to complete renovations proposed by health and engineering experts to mitigate virus exposure. These include enhanced HVAC air filtration, increased air flow and circulation, and ultraviolet radiation and ionization. The improvements can bolster the health and productivity of workplaces, employees, and customers, beyond what the immediate efforts of social distancing and hand sanitizers can provide. And these improvements have longer-lasting benefits: Beyond COVID-19, air filtration systems can help tenants manage flu transmission and offer other health benefits.

Undertaking such long-term improvements can strain capital budgets, particularly if the work has to be done to all properties at once and not on the pace of long-term capital improvement planning.

The Green Bank recognizes this potential strain, and wants to be a partner in enhancing your business’s health and safety. In support of this need, the Green Bank developed the Small Business Energy Savings Support program. Businesses can access project loans of $10,000-$150,000 (greater amounts may be considered) with 5-year terms, low interest rates (3-5%), and flexible initial repayment options to fit your needs during the economic recovery.

The Green Bank also has the Commercial Loan for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (CLEER) that can offer greater capital amounts for longer terms (up to 12 years), for projects where at least 70% of costs are related to energy systems.

All businesses interested in such financing should contact us.