Innovation Energy—Delivering Savings in New Ways


We talked with Jason O’Neill from the Innovation Energy division of Engineered Services, Inc. to learn about its latest successes and why partnering with MC Green bank is a part of them.

“All our clients know they need to go to LED lights and that their 30-year chillers need to be replaced. But the upfront cost is really challenging. [MC Green Bank’s] CLEER helps solve this problem. For example, for a $25,000 efficiency project, we can find $8,000 in incentives, and then finance the rest with the MC Green Bank. This allows the customer to do a project without an up-front cost. In fact, they may not even see the monthly payment since the savings can outpace the loan payments.”

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The Montgomery County Green Bank Green Partners series highlights our partners in the community that help make MC Green Bank a success.

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