About the Project:

Stockbridge at Tanglewood Condominiums became the first local commercial entity to use a loan under the Small Business Energy Savings Support product to improve its operating budget and gain savings.  The Association worked closely with the Montgomery County Green Bank and City First Enterprises to secure a $44,000 loan.  New LED fixtures on the property are reducing energy consumption by 100,000 kWh per year and saving over $14,000 annually.  The contractor worked closely with Pepco to secure substantial incentives that help offset the costs of this project.

Montgomery County Green Bank’s Role

The Montgomery County Green Bank’s small business program brought partner and the needed capital to support the Stockbridge project. Montgomery County Green Bank works closely with the Montgomery County Commission on Common Ownership Communities to help association boards execute on long term energy plans and financing strategies to be able to implement projects.

Project Snapshot

Building Type:

Townhomes and piggy-back style condominiums located off Route 29 in Silver Spring, Maryland

Property Upgrade Summary:

Conversion of lighting to LED fixtures to reduce wattage and electricity usage. The property is reducing energy consumption by 100,000 kWh and saving over $14,000 annually.

Loan Amount:

$44,000 Small Business Energy Savings Support Loan

Capital Provider:

City First Enterprises. Closed October 2020.

For those who can benefit from decreasing operating expenses because of energy efficient equipment, infrastructure, and their physical space, the Small Business Savings Advantage program is a way to make those investments in a way that generates net positive cash flow.