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Green Partners: Groundloop Heating and Air Conditioning — Comfortable and Renewable Energy Power-Houses!

Welcome to our Green Partners series, highlighting our partners in the community that help make Montgomery County Green Bank a success.

We talked with Jason Cullum, Vice President of Groundloop Heating and Air Conditioning, to learn about its latest successes and why they are proud to partner with the Montgomery County Green Bank.

Tell us about Groundloop Heating and Air Conditioning and your work there.


Jason Cullum [JC]: At Groundloop Heating and Air Conditioning, we have been installing geothermal heat pumps since the 1980s. This is a family business, started by my father. I currently serve as the Vice President and I oversee what happens throughout the company on a day to day basis. I make sure everyone in the company has what they need to take excellent care of our customers. We serve residential and small business projects, and our geographical coverage goes from southern Pennsylvania to Deleware to the District of Columbia.

What are the key decisions your clients make when moving a project forward?

: There are three reasons why people get a geothermal system for their home:

  1. Saving money
  2. Protecting the environment
  3. To be more comfortable in their house

Most people start with the number one reason, saving money, then later they see the other benefits, and the decision then becomes a no-brainer. Most people think that you have to spend a ton of money to help the environment, but with the MC Green Bank you don’t have to have any money to pay upfront. They have 100% financing with their participating lenders.

What’s something exciting you’re working on now?

: We are currently working with Montgomery County Delegate Lorig Charkoudian to bring geothermal to lower-income families and to lower-income housing. Our goal is to bring geothermal to a larger portion of the county and to help the state meet their renewable energy goals. While we cannot give exact details, we can say that we are researching several exciting plans at the moment to see how we can impact the most amount of people.

What are the key decisions your customers have to make?

JC: Many people are very frugal with their home heating and cooling usage. They sacrifice their comfort to save money. It turns out that when you have geothermal, you can afford to live comfortably.

Why do you choose to partner with the MC Green Bank as a Participating Contractor with the Clean Energy Advantage program?

: I think working with the Green Bank is attractive to people in Montgomery County because many prefer to work with local businesses as opposed to businesses located out of the area. They know that their money will stay in the state and will benefit the state and the county. It gives people a better peace of mind to know that they are working with someone right in Montgomery County.

What do your customers reflect on as the most surprising or rewarding when the work is completed?

: Customers are always surprised at how comfortable they are in their home after getting their geothermal system installed. They are thrilled with how the comfortable the system makes their house feel. It blows a very cozy warm heat.

What is the most important thing customers should know about geothermal?


JC: Geothermal is a better way to heat and cool your home when you are unhappy with your current heating and cooling. With traditional methods, you either sacrifice cost or comfort. You don’t have to sacrifice anything with geothermal! You get it all, especially with all of the public incentives that are currently being offered.

November 2020