Project Snapshot

Clarksburg Condominiums EV Project

About the Building

Two condominium buildings located off Interstate 270 in Clarksburg, Maryland

Property Upgrade Summary

Installation of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and six electric vehicle (EV) chargers in the condominium parking lot. Equivalent to mitigating 55 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. 

Green Bank Financing

$60,000 loan in conjunction with City First Enterprises for acquisition, installation, and electrification of six EV chargers. Closed July 2021. 

About the Project

The Green Bank, in partnership with City First Enterprises, closed a $60,000 loan to help the Clarksburg Condominium II association fund an electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) infrastructure project. Through this project, the Clarksburg Condominium II will install six EV chargers on the property for use by its residents and contribute to mitigating 55 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Common Ownership Communities across the county are considering ways to install EVSE infrastructure and serve their communities. The partnership between the Green Bank and City First Enterprises provides for financing flexibility to meet those goals. 

Financing Details

The Green Bank with City First Enterprises (CFE) provided the capital necessary for the energy efficiency measures.  

Small Business Energy Savings Support program loan from Green Bank/CFE $60,000

Montgomery County Green Bank’s Role

The Montgomery County Green Bank and City First Enterprise’s Small Business Energy Savings Support Program brought partner and the needed capital to support the Clarksburg Condominium II project.  The Green Bank works closely with the Montgomery County Commission on Common Ownership Communities to help association boards execute on long term energy plans and financing strategies to be able to implement projects.