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The Montgomery County Green Bank (Green Bank) announces the election of a new Chair to its Board of Directors and two new Board members. The incoming Chair succeeds the inaugural Chair who has held the role since the Green Bank’s inception in 2016 and has guided it through initial operational set-up and initial product launches.  The two new Board members join to replace a founding Board member and a County-appointed position.

The Green Bank has benefited from the depth of experience and understanding of the national green bank landscape provided by its founding Chair, Bert Hunter, Chief Investment Officer of the Connecticut Green Bank.  Under Mr. Hunter’s leadership, the Green Bank secured funding from the County and several foundations to supports its programs, developed an initial set of products and transactions that demonstrate the role of the Green Bank, and created a robust operational infrastructure. “I am proud of the accomplishments of the Montgomery County Green Bank to launch an initial set of market-relevant products that can support the growth of clean energy investment in the County,” stated Mr. Hunter.  “The introduction of a Commercial Loan for Energy Efficiency and Renewables, a residential loan for homeowners called Clean Energy Advantage, a renewable energy program for nonprofits, and a small business energy finance program will be valuable tools for the market. I am very pleased that Bonnie Norman has been elected by the Board to be Chair of the Green Bank. Ms. Norman has been an active and fundamental Board member since the Green Bank’s inception and has served as Vice Chair and a member of the Executive Committee from the start,” concluded Mr. Hunter. Mr. Hunter also thanked Ms. Stacy Swann and Ms. Hope Brown Saxton for their work on the Executive Committee since 2016 as they stepped down from these positions.

Ms. Norman, President of E3 International, was elected by the Board at its June 26, 2020 Board meeting to be the Green Bank’s next Chair.  Ms. Norman has been engaged at many levels throughout her tenure on the Board including on the Executive Committee, Product Development Committee, and as Chair of the Partnerships and Funding Committee. “I am excited about how far the Green Bank has progressed and that it is poised to make significant contributions to the County, advancing our mission to support diverse, equitable, and inclusive green economy growth and jobs,” noted Ms. Norman. “This is a pivotal moment for the Green Bank to catalyze clean energy investment that can help the County’s businesses and residents not only improve their carbon footprint and energy savings but also address the need for higher quality indoor air measures to provide healthier living and working environments,” continued Ms. Norman. Ms. Norman will be joined on the Executive Committee by Ms. Marcene Mitchell and Mr. Robert Sahadi as co-Vice Chairs, and Mr. Hunter as Secretary.

The Green Bank also approved two new Board members to complete the 11-member Board of Directors. Mr. Michael Coveyou joins as the Montgomery County representative for the Department of Finance. Mr. Coveyou is the current Director of Finance for the County and replaces Mr. Rob Hagedoorn from the County. Mr. Coveyou has been in the Montgomery County Finance Department for twenty-seven years.

The Green Bank, upon the recommendation of the Recruitment Committee, also appointed Ms. Marissa Ramirez as a member of the Board of Directors to replace founding Board member Mr. Michael Gergen of the firm of Latham & Watkins.  Ms. Ramirez is the Senior Community Climate Strategy Manager for the People and Communities Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council. Ms. Ramirez has worked with neighbors and local leaders, primarily in underserved communities of color, on revitalization efforts by providing best practices and tools for a more equitable and sustainable future.