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Affordable Multifamily HomesNearly all renters pay their own energy bills, but few have options relating to the efficiency and quality of the heating and cooling systems, appliances, and windows of their rental. However, there are many steps renters can take to save and manage energy. 

Montgomery County Green Bank has partnered with the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP) to bring the following resources to renters in the Montgomery County community.

  1. A Guide for Renting and Creating Lower Cost Energy Efficient Apartments and Homes covers what to ask about and to look for when renting, including utility information, the metering of the building and units, and appliances to heating and cooling systems. The guide also includes utility incentives tailored for Montgomery County renters and information on no-and-low-cost ways to save energy.
  2. The Before-You-Rent Checklist is a worksheet that potential renters can use to collect the information recommend in the guide, ideally giving tenants an easy way to compare and contrast different rental unit energy qualifications.

Montgomery County Green Bank currently offers CLEER as a financing option for multifamily building owners. Renters can encourage their building owners to pursue energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades in the building, while also taking steps within their own units to reduce energy costs.