Solar in Condominium Association Communities

Recorded on December 15, 2020 

The Montgomery County Green Bank partnered with Council on Common Ownership Communities on providing an informational webinar to educate Condominium Associations on how to obtain Solar for their communities.

Watch the webinar for details by clicking here: Webinar – Supporting Common Ownership Communities, “Solar in Condominium Association Communities”

Supporting The Energy Efficiency Recovery

Recorded on September 2, 2020 

The Montgomery County Green Bank was joined by the Maryland Building Performance Association and energy efficiency providers for this webinar supporting efforts to help the recovery of the energy efficiency marketplace.

Watch the webinar for details by clicking here: Webinar – Supporting the Energy Efficiency Recovery

Launch of Small Business Recovery Financing

Recorded on September 2, 2020 

The Montgomery County Green Bank is excited to announce and and provide details on the launch of it’s Small Business Energy Savings Support product! The Small Business Energy Savings Support product will cover the upfront costs of energy efficiency retrofits AND a portion can be used for non-energy systems necessary to keep people safe. Help your customers improve indoor air quality, prioritize health and safety, lower operating costs, and get back to business with flexible financing tailored for small to medium sized businesses:

Watch the webinar for details by clicking here: Webinar – Launch of Small Business Recovery Financing

Green Banking Strategies for Local Governments

Sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Recorded on October 1, 2018 

Listen to Tom Deyo, our CEO, explain the benefits and innovations of the green bank model at the local level in this recording of a webinar hosted by the EPA. Tom, along with Bryan Garcia, President and CEO of the Connecticut Green Bank and Jeff Schub, Executive Director for Coalition for Green Capital, talk about the trends and evolution of green banks in the United States and ways green bank strategies can support local governments’ environmental, energy, and economic goals.  Tom’s presentation highlights the important considerations that local governments should take into account when engaging the green bank model. 

Financing Clean Energy Projects

Hosted by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

Originally Recorded: Tuesday, May 8

In advance of the 2018 Energy Efficiency Finance Forum, held May 21-22, ACEEE moderator Brian Stickles invited Adam Krop of CDP Cities North America, Tom Deyo of Montgomery County Green Bank, and Gwen Yamamoto Lau of Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority to present their unique perspectives on financing clean energy projects.

Online Resources, Additional Webinars, and Trainings


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ENERGY STAR Recorded Webinars and Online Contractor Trainings
Learn about the latest ENERGY STAR residential programs, recognizing advanced energy efficiency in homes, or revisit your contractor trainings for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, and refresh requirements, objectives, and strategies

Home Energy Score Training Webinars
Brush up on your Home Energy Score understanding with these webinars from the U.S. DOE’s Better Buildings Challenge

The Smart Energy Home: Driving Residential Building Decarbonization
States, cities, and utilities across the region have made aggressive commitments to deep carbon reductions. Distributed energy resources coupled with strategic electrification is critical in achieving these carbon reductions. But adding electric load and distributing resources has the potential to cause additional problems for energy systems. Enter the smart energy home. Already being pursued for customer benefits, smart energy homes can turn potential load liabilities into grid assets.
The Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP) hosted a public webinar to explore their 2019 report. View the slides or webinar recording.

Building Performance Association Online Trainings
Online Training offers a flexible and cost-effective opportunity for you to gain the knowledge you need to take your skillset to the next level. BPA courses allow for you to earn CEUs and learn about the most cutting edge topics in residential energy efficiency from our industry’s top trainers.

HabitatX Curated Webinars
The Habitat X Webinars are built with a simple principle in mind: to connect working professionals at their desks in ways that are meaningful and productive. For this series of Spring Webinars, we chose topics that were on the agenda for the 2019 Summer National Conference. Current webinars include “The Good Business of Healthier Homes”, “The Whirlwind Evolution of Modern Utilities”, and “A Bullish Approach to Home Performance”.