The Green Bank has launched the Small Business Energy Savings Support lending product to offer affordable financing support during this market recovery period. This product seeks to provide help to end-users who are looking to undertake energy saving retrofits and reduce operating costs, cannot find available resources, and seek to prepare their businesses to re-emerge as the market re-opens. To learn more you can view our brochure here.

If you are a contractor we also have additional information in a brochure designed for you here.

This financing is available for a period of economic recovery through January 2021, after which terms may change.

If you have a project idea, start by reaching out to Green Bank at (240) 453-9000 or We will help you scope an eligible project and connect you to a trusted network of contractors if you need one.

Here’s what you need to apply for financing:
1. Property address and contact information
2. Project scope of energy efficiency or clean energy work and projected energy savings
3. Scope of any non-energy savings work
4. A properly licensed and Pepco-approved contractor

Once your project is determined to be eligible for the program, The Green Bank will connect you to City First Enterprises and they will work with you toward a Small Business Energy Savings Support loan.