Did you know that if you are renting your home and the electric bill is in your name, that you can access energy savings too?

The Montgomery County Green Bank is here to help you learn about ways to save and how to get started!

Before you Rent

If you are looking for a rental home, a few key indicators can help you understand and assess the efficiency of your prospective rental.  The Montgomery County Green Bank tailored a highly informative energy efficiency guide created by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships to help renter’s understand and evaluate the energy efficiency of a prospective rental.  Take the Before You Rent Checklist with you as you visit different buildings and see how different rentals stack up against each other.

Start with Energy Efficiency

Save energy and money by using energy more efficiently. Doing energy efficiency helps reduce your footprint and makes it easier to get to 100% clean energy.

  • Learn how to save energy and ways to get started at Montgomery County Energy Efficiency or the SmarterHouse resource.
  • Assess your energy use at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR to see how your energy use compares to others and how to improve your energy performance.


Schedule a FREE Quick Home Energy Check-Up

Did you know that if you pay your electricity bill that you are eligible for a Quick Home Energy Checkup (or QHEC) from your electric utility.  During a  QHEC, an energy efficiency expert will visit your home, assess you home’s energy use, recommend energy-saving improvements, and may help you start saving right away by providing you with energy-saving light emitting diode (LED) light bulbs, efficient-flow showerhead, or energy-saving power strips. Call your electric utility to schedule your QHEC today:

For Pepco customers, call 866-353-5798

For Potomac Edison customers, call 888-267-4685

For BG&E customers, call 877-685-7377