Looking to undertake a renewable energy project – solar photovoltaic or geothermal?  Wanting to add energy storage to your existing system? Want to add an EV Charger for your vehicle?

The Montgomery County Green Bank’s Financing Programs may be the right option for you.

To get started on your renewable energy improvements projects you need to be working with Participating Contractors who will have access to preferential financing offered by the partnering lending institutions associated with your type of property. The longer term loans and lower interest rates offered by Montgomery County Green Bank programs helps property owners use energy savings to cover the cost of the monthly payments.

Contact a Participating Contractor who can work with you on your renewable energy project and obtain access to the Montgomery County Green Bank financing options. To find a Participating Contractor click on one of the sidebar options that best fits the renewable project you are looking to undertake.

(Note: The Montgomery County Green Bank does not endorse or otherwise make any representation or warranty with respect to any contractor or the work, materials, or services provided by any contractor.)