Commercial Property Owners


CLEER Program Eligible Improvements


With CLEER, property or business owners have a solution to move forward with a full scope of proposed energy savings work and go beyond the part supported by utility incentives.

The eligible measures include:

  1. Stand-alone solar PV projects
  2. Pepco’s Eligible Measures (links to Technical Sheets blow)*:

Combined Heat and Power
Custom Projects
Full Building Tune-Up
HVAC Tune-Up
Lighting Fixtures and Controls
LED Sign Lighting
Miscellaneous Energy Efficient Equipment
Monitoring-Based Commissioning
Operations and Maintenance Training
Packaged HVAC Units
Specialized Controls
Variable Frequency Drives

*Montgomery County Green Bank financing can also cover energy storage and/or HVAC natural gas measures when done in conjunction with at least one Pepco measure from above.

Helpful Hints:

  • All energy efficiency scopes of work must contain at least one Pepco Eligible Measure.
  • Stand-alone solar PV projects are allowed.
  • Project’s energy savings estimates should be at least 15% from current conditions.
  • At least 70% of CLEER loan proceeds must be used for Eligible Measures.
  • Up to 30% of CLEER loan proceeds may be used for non-Eligible Measure improvements!