Capital Solutions for your Commercial Energy Project


Clean energy and energy efficiency can enhance a business’ bottom line through more efficient operations and lower energy costs, and reduce the risk of fluctuating energy prices. That impact can seem indirect, so finding an affordable financing solution can mean the difference between pursuing the upgrades that save on energy costs or missing out on those savings completely.

Our goal is to help lenders provide the best financing solution for clean energy projects. From negotiating flexible loan terms to offering discounted interest rates, Montgomery County Green Bank seeks to be your partner in clean energy.

What We Offer


CLEER Financing, our flagship commercial solution, allows you to choose from an array of authorized contractors and work with our pre-vetted lenders to find a loan tailored for your project. The objective: a cash flow positive solution, where energy cost savings cover your loan payments. Conventional financing won’t offer that service! For example, if your new energy efficient furnace is expected to last 10 years, with CLEER Financing, we try to make the loan last that long, so your payments are spread out for the same amount of time as your savings.

MC Green Bank also works to connect you with other financing options, such as C-PACE, offered by our County government. C-PACE tends to work better for projects over $250,000, but we can help you figure out the best option.