Montgomery County Green Bank partners with contractors providing energy efficiency and clean energy services to customers in Montgomery County. Projects completed with Green Bank financing must use an authorized contractor.

Why should contractors partner with MC Green Bank?

Becoming an authorized contractor with MC Green Bank gives contractors the following advantages:

  • MC Green Bank is a mission-driven County organization with the goal to expand your business and help you implement more clean energy projects.
  • MC Green Bank promotes and markets energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to your customer base and refers to its Authorized Contractors list for a trusted community of contractors.
  • MC Green Bank tailors its products based on input and feedback from its Authorized Contractor community—you can help shape the financing solution that meets yours and your customers’ needs.
Become an Authorized Contractor for the Commercial Loan for Energy Efficiency and Renewables (CLEER) Program

Montgomery County Green Bank is currently accepting applications from contractors who wish to be authorized to implement projects with CLEER financing. Click here.

The CLEER Program provides new options for customers who want to finance the portion of their energy-focused improvements not covered by Pepco EmPOWER incentives or grants. It applies to commercial and industrial properties, including those owned by businesses and nonprofits, as well as multifamily buildings and common ownership communities. Learn more about CLEER and the types of projects it supports. For example:

  • CLEER can finance a larger list of eligible energy improvements including solar PV, HVAC (gas), and energy storage when coupled with Pepco’s commercial energy efficiency measures.
  • CLEER will finance 30% more than the cost of eligible energy improvements for related non-energy improvements done in conjunction with Eligible Measures. See the full terms for details.


  1. You are a Pepco-Approved Energy Efficiency Service Provider OR you are a Solar PV Installer.
  2. You have read the CLEER Contractor Guidelines and are familiar with the Montgomery County Green Bank CLEER Program.

Two-Step Process:

  1. Sign our Contractor Agreement and provide the required documentation to Montgomery County Green Bank. (Contact info)
  2. Take a one-hour training on the our CLEER Program and its processes for contractors. Ask staff when the next training will be held.
    Note: Authorized contractors will still need to meet any CLEER Participating Lender requirements when using CLEER financing to implement a project.