What We Do - Montgomery County Green Bank

We create affordable, low upfront cost financing options for clean energy and energy efficiency upgrades for residents and business, so they may enjoy the money-saving and comfort-enhancing benefits from these improvements.


We partner to do our work.
We collaborate with lenders, nonprofits, government, industry professionals, and other stakeholders to identify needs in the energy efficiency and clean energy markets and develop financing strategies to address.
We create loan and investment products that fill the identified gaps in energy efficiency and clean energy financing.
We use our capital in conjunction with lenders and investors in the community to craft new-to-market affordable, flexible financing options offered by these lenders that supports homeowners, property owners, and businesses to invest in energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy, and clean energy technologies.
We align financing with savings.
We design the financing product to allow you to better match the cost savings realized throughout the life of the energy beneficial measures installed with the repayments on the financing used to pay for these measures.
We build scale in the market for long-term availability of financing for residents and businesses.
By partnering with lenders and investors, we help build understanding in the private market for funding energy efficiency and clean energy technologies so that these partners will go on to provide greater funding for this work.
We inform and educate.
 We provide key information to households, businesses, and partners to increase awareness and understanding of clean energy technologies and reasons to invest in these as a homeowner or business. We believe this practice will increase interest and promote a more resilient home, business, and physical environment for Montgomery County and present a model for others in the nation to emulate.