The Green Bank is seeking a Commercial Business Manager (“Manager”) to help scale up clean energy investments across Montgomery County, MD in the commercial real estate (“CRE”) sector. This position is fundamental for the Green Bank to deliver financing for clean energy improvements of commercial and industrial properties throughout the County and aid these properties in achieving energy savings gained from those improvements. The work supported by this position is key to helping the County achieve its very ambitious goal of 0% greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.

The position will focus on clean energy transactions, including for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements, for commercial and industrial properties, including market rate and affordable multifamily, nonprofit, and common ownership properties.

The Green Bank employs many financing techniques to leverage its funds in partnership with other financial institutions to support clean energy finance. The Green Bank offers credit enhancement techniques, co-lending, and various other financing structures (such as Commercial-PACE) for flexible lending and investment to catalyze clean energy transactions and increase the private market capital investing in this sector.

To be successful, the candidate’s experience should include understanding of energy efficiency or clean energy financing as well as commercial real estate finance. Candidate must be familiar with the various investment strategies of debt, equity, subordinate debt, guarantees, and other credit enhancement mechanisms.

The position will be fundamental to the Green Bank’s work in CRE by:

  • executing market research to define market potential and outreach activities;
  • conducting outreach and education to users and market audiences;
  • advising end-users and contractors of financial strategies using Green Bank products;
  • identifying and managing a project pipeline through extensive outreach to owner, developer, and contractor communities;
  • developing financial structures for prospective projects;
  • negotiating and managing transactions;
  • presenting investments to credit committees with appropriate due diligence on counterparties and transactions;
  • managing the closing process; and
  • conducting asset and portfolio management in support of business operations.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Working with the Green Bank team, the Manager will be the principal party to market and close investments in the commercial and industrial sector, including market and affordable multifamily residential, nonprofit properties, including faith-based, and common ownership communities for the Green Bank.

The Manager will be responsible for meeting relationship, pipeline, and financing and energy savings production goals for the CRE activity of the Green Bank. Specifically, the Manager will be responsible for:

  • acting as an advisor to end-users and contractors of financial strategies for undertaking clean energy work and how Green Bank products and other resources, such as utility incentive programs, can help the end users achieve clean energy goals;
  • developing and managing relationships with financial partners, building owners, developers, energy contractors of commercial and industrial, residential, and clean energy developers serving Montgomery County, MD;
  • interacting with clients and institutional investors/lenders in the context of product / transaction execution process and new business development;
  • gathering and analyzing relevant market, product, and transaction-related data to identify project and partner opportunities;
  • developing and managing a pipeline of opportunities;
  • managing product / property, market, and counter-party due diligence;
  • conducting financial analyses and modeling, including product and transaction cash flow projections;
  • executing analyses that guide the decision-making process and provide actionable strategic recommendations;
  • developing term sheets and commitment letters and achieve internal approvals of such;
  • developing and recommending financing structures and alternatives to corporate decision making bodies
  • delivering final underwriting memorandum with appropriate due diligence on counterparties and transaction elements for credit committees;
  • working within a team framework to execute transactions;

o overseeing preparation of, and managing process for review and approval of all legal documents for programs, products, or transactions, and closing of products and transactions;
o oversee, in conjunction with Business Operations Manager, the management of the reporting on portfolio;
o Manage assets in portfolio; and
o other duties as needed.


Minimum of bachelor’s degree in Real Estate, Finance, Accounting, Business, or other related field when paired with experience.

Experience, Skills and Abilities Required or Desired

To achieve the stated objectives, the Green Bank is looking for the following experience:

  • 5+ years of experience in commercial real estate, preferably with experience in commercial real estate finance. Experience in clean energy and/or energy efficiency and/or green building investments in the commercial real estate sector is desired.
  • Understanding of energy efficiency and renewable energy improvement economics and impact on property owners’ value assessment, property financing drivers and strategies.
  • Experience in direct outreach and engagement with property owner, managers, contractors, developers in the commercial and industrial sector related to property finance. Experience related to clean energy activities desired.
  • Demonstrated experience in building pipelines, managing relationships, and achieving positive outcomes for customer and employer.
  • Experience working in a metric driven production goals environment for financing.
  • Proven track record of underwriting and closing commercial loans, particularly in using a variety of financing structures in partnership with other financial partners and stand alone.
  • Ability to review real estate documents to determine if any issues exist and determine what could be a concern.
  • Strong research, analytical and problem-solving skills. Ability to analyze qualitative and quantitative information.
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal quantitative, writing, and communication skills; able to interface with top level executives.
  • Strong proficiency with Excel, PowerPoint, and Word is required
  • Ability to multi-task in a team-oriented environment and work successfully under pressure while effectively managing time and workload with strong time management skills to prioritize deadlines
  • A desire to work within a collaborative, and ambitious professional and client facing environment
  • Attention to detail / thoroughness / focus / determination
  • Organized and prioritizes work.
  • Capable to work independently while possessing a team player attitude

The Green Bank is an “at-will,” equal opportunity employer. The Green Bank considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, or any other legally protected status under local, state, or federal law.


Commensurate with position requirements experience and qualifications.
If interested, please send a cover letter and resume to

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