What IS a Green Bank?
A Green Bank is not a bank in the sense that you can make a deposit. Instead, a “Green Bank” partners with lenders and contractors to ensure that you have access to attractive financing options for clean energy and energy efficiency upgrades to your property. Low-cost, long-term financing allows you to enjoy the money-saving and comfort-enhancing benefits of clean energy and energy efficiency without the burden of upfront costs, so you can better match the savings realized throughout the life of the measures installed with repayments made to pay for these measures.
What are clean energy and energy efficiency upgrades?
These are measures that either generate clean energy or reduce consumption of energy. For the sake of simplicity, when you think of clean energy, you can think of solar panels on a roof generating electricity from the sun’s rays. When you think of energy efficiency, you can think of examples like adding insulation, replacing lightbulbs with more efficient versions, or replacing appliances with more efficient versions. These are just a few examples of the universe of clean energy and energy efficiency upgrades.
How do I access Green Bank financing?
Speak with one of our partner contractors or lenders to get started on your clean energy and/or energy efficiency upgrade.
What are the benefits of going green?
Nearly all clean energy and energy efficiency deliver cost savings in the form of reduced or displaced energy consumption. If you have solar panels on your roof, you can offset your electricity bills with the electricity generated from the sun, which is often available at a lower price than normal grid electricity. Energy efficiency measures reduce your total consumption of energy, meaning that you are using less energy regardless of its original generation source.