What IS a green bank?
A Green Bank is not a traditional bank in the sense that you can make a deposit. Instead, a “green bank” is an organization that partners with lenders and contractors to give you have access to attractive financing options for clean energy and energy efficiency upgrades to your property. Low-cost, long-term financing allows you to enjoy the money-saving and comfort-enhancing benefits of clean energy and energy efficiency without the burden of upfront costs.
Why do I want long-term financing for my energy project?
With our loan products, your energy savings can match the length of the loan, helping you preserve your cash and making it easier to meet your loan payments.
What are clean energy upgrades?
Clean energy improvements are measures that either generate clean energy or reduce energy consumption. As an example, solar panels on a roof generate electricity from the sun’s rays, not fossil fuels.
What are energy efficiency upgrades?
Examples of energy efficiency upgrades include adding insulation, installing new energy-efficient windows, replacing lightbulbs with LED versions, or replacing old appliances with new models that are designed to use less energy.
How do I access the financing products offered by the Montgomery County Green Bank?
You can start exploring access to our financing products by speaking with one of our partner contractors or lenders. They will help you get started on your clean energy and/or energy efficiency project.
What are the benefits of going green?
Going green delivers tangible benefits to residents, businesses and nonprofits, including lower energy bills from reduced energy consumption. Going green produces more comfortable and healthier environments for families and businesses. On a wider scale, going green creates employment and makes the planet a better place by lowering greenhouse gas emissions.