What can the Commercial Loan for Energy Efficiency and Renewable (CLEER) Program do for me?
CLEER is designed to help businesses and owners of commercial property in Montgomery County undertake projects that are projected to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Financing terms seek to match the life of the loan with the expected energy savings benefits of the improvements to achieve a neutral to positive cashflow result for the property or business owner.

This financing can help you complete your full scope of work at the same time, including work which costs more than the incentives you are projected to receive from Pepco’s EmPOWER program.

Further, 30% of the loan amount can be put toward non-energy improvements.

CLEER financing is offered by our Participating Lenders.

What are the benefits of making energy improvements?
Making energy efficiency improvements enables you to:

  • Reduce your energy consumption, thereby reducing your energy-related operating costs
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Help create a healthier and more comfortable work environment for your employees
  • Contribute to improving the environment with lower greenhouse gas emissions
If I am a tenant in a commercial property that I do not own, am I eligible under the CLEER Program?
You should consult with your CLEER Program Participating Lender. If you are hoping to make improvements to the property, you will need the property owner’s written permission. However, if you are simply upgrading equipment and machinery, the lender may not require the property owner’s permission.
Is my Homeowners Association (HOA) eligible to be considered for the CLEER Program?
Multifamily communities, such as multifamily rental properties, condominiums, cooperatives, and Planned Unit Developments, are eligible properties for the CLEER Program. Contact a Participating Lender on the eligibility of your HOA as a borrower.
Can the CLEER Program be used to make energy efficiency improvements on my multifamily rental property?
Yes, multifamily rental properties are eligible properties under the CLEER Program.
What is the minimum amount of work that I can finance under the CLEER Program?
All scopes of work must include at least one Pepco-approved Eligible Measure. See the Eligible Improvements list here for a complete list of items allowed under the CLEER Program.
How do I get started?
If you need a contractor to help evaluate your needs and define a scope of work, please look for a CLEER Program Participating Contractor here.
If you have a scope of work and are looking for the financing, please look for a Participating Lender for the CLEER Program here.