Clean Energy Advantage (CEA) Program Participating Contractors

The following are the Participating Contractors in the Clean Energy Advantage Program.  These contractors can provide access to the financing program.

SolarGeothermalEnergy EfficiencyHVAC
IPSUN-SolarGround Loop Heating & Air ConditioningHome Energy Savings SolutionGlenmont Heating & Air Conditioning
Solar Energy WorldAt Your Service Heating and CoolingAtlas Home Energy SolutionsArgent Heating and Cooling
Green BrillianceTuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & PlumblingElysian Energy SolutionsTuckers Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbling
Revolution SolarHight on HomesAt Your Service Heating and Cooling
Standard Energy SolutionsEnergy Efficiency ExpertsGround Loop Heating & Air Conditioning
AltEnergyLove's Heating & Air, Inc.
Innovative ElectricEdge EnergyEdge Energy
Nova Solar
MountainView Solar
Edge Energy

If you are presently working with a contractor and they are not on the above list, then have them contact us at

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(Note: The Montgomery County Green Bank does not endorse or otherwise make any representation or warranty with respect to any contractor or the work, materials, or services provided by any contractor.)