MC-PACE is an open-source funding model – meaning that property owners are welcome to work with their preferred capital provider. Montgomery County Green Bank will accept, review, and approve MC-PACE projects that are financed by any lender. Capital Providers should read the Information Packet and Master Surcharge Processing Agreement for information on how capital providers directly originate and fund C-PACE transactions in the county, and the role the Green Bank plays in servicing.

If you need to identify a capital provider for your project contact us the Green Bank by clicking here. 

C-PACE financing is a great opportunity for lenders because the projects are secure investments. Like a property tax lien, the annual surcharge securing the C-PACE financing has priority over other liens on the property. Therefore, the risk of loss from non-payment of a C-PACE loan is minimal compared to most other types of loans.

MC-PACE provides lenders with an attractive product to assist existing and new customers in addressing the growing demand for energy efficient commercial and industrial properties. To become a registered Capital Provider and to list your contact information, click here.