The Montgomery County Green Bank’s goal is to make clean energy and energy efficiency more accessible and affordable for homeowners and businesses throughout Montgomery County.

There are many resources that can help homeowners like you make affordable energy improvements in their homes, enabling familes to save money AND energy at the same time! The resources listed below can help you start saving money and saving energy in your home.

Even with these, we are actively working to develop a complementary loan product specifically for homeowners in Montgomery County that would add to these resources and create more opportunity for homeowners to undertake improvements. If you’d like to stay updated on our latest news, please sign up for our newsletter.

 Local Resources

Montgomery County Resources

Resources Offered by Pepco

Maryland State Incentives

Residential Rebates, Grants, Loans and Tax Credits

General Residential Information, Including Solar

Residential Solar Energy

A Maryland Consumers Guide to Solar

Homeowners Guide to Financing a Grid Connected Solar System

Residential Consumer Guide for Solar Power – SEIA

Federal Resources

Energy Savings at Home

Other Helpful Resources

Smarter House