Commercial Property Owners

Montgomery County CLEER Program Eligible Measures

The Commercial Loan for Energy Efficiency and Renewable (CLEER) Program of the Montgomery County Green Bank offers a broad range of Eligible Measures that a property or business owner can undertake.   These measures build on those offered to Pepco C&I customers in Montgomery County, MD and include PLUS Solar PV, energy storage, and HVAC (gas).

In addition, CLEER allows you to add 30% to your loan amount to finance measures not included below and needed to undertake the Eligible Measures.

With CLEER, property or business owners have a solution to move forward with the full scope of proposed energy savings work beyond the part supported by Pepco’s incentives.

CLEER permits the financing of the following Eligible Measures (links to Pepco’s Eligible Measure Technical Sheets):

Combined Heat and Power
Custom Projects
Full Building Tune-Up
HVAC Tune-Up
Lighting Fixtures and Controls
LED Sign Lighting
Miscellaneous Energy Efficient Equipment
Monitoring-Based Commissioning
Operations and Maintenance Training
Packaged HVAC Units
Specialized Controls
Variable Frequency Drives

Additional Montgomery County Green Bank Eligible Measures when done in conjunction with at least one Pepco measure from above:

Solar PV
Energy Storage
HVAC (gas)

Helpful Hints:  Remember that:

  • Your scope of work must contain at least one Pepco C&I Eligible Measure
  • You or your contractor will project your project’s energy savings, which should be at least 15%
  • At least 70% of CLEER loan proceeds must be used for the above-listed Eligible Measures
  • Up to 30% of CLEER loan proceeds may be used for non-Eligible Measure improvements!