Increase Your Commercial and Industrial Sales through our Commercial Loan for Energy Efficiency and Renewables (CLEER) Program!

The CLEER Program provides new options for customers who want to finance the portion of their energy-focused improvements not covered by Pepco EmPOWER incentives or grants. It applies to commercial and industrial properties, including those owned by businesses and nonprofits, as well as multifamily buildings and common ownership communities. Go here for CLEER Program info.

Not yet a CLEER Program Authorized Contractor? Follow these simple steps:

  • Sign our Contractor Agreement and provide the required documentation.
  • Review our Contractor Guidelines.
  • Be approved as a participating Service Provider for Pepco’s 2018 Energy Savings Program.
  • Take a one-hour training on the our CLEER Program and its processes for contractors.
  • Meet any CLEER Participating Lender requirements.

CLEER offers a financing solution for your customers who are looking to move forward with the full scope of your proposed energy savings work beyond that covered by Pepco’s incentives.

  • The program offers a way to finance a larger list of eligible energy improvements that ADDS Solar PV, HVAC (gas), and energy storage to Pepco’s commercial measures.
  • It will allow your customer to finance 30% more than the cost of Eligible Measure improvements for work done in conjunction with Eligible Measures.
  • Learn more about the CLEER Program and how it can help increase your sales and grow your business!
  • Download the CLEER Overview Brochure (in tri-fold pdf format) or contact us at

Sample Project and How CLEER Financing Could be Used

Category Project  – HVAC
Cost of Project $198,000
Less:  Pepco Utility Incentives $48,000
Balance to be Funded by Customer $150,000
Loan Amount
     100% of balance $150,000
     CLEER fees $5,250
     Total Loan Amount $155,250
     Term and Rate 10 yr / 6.375%
     Annual debt service $21,036
Projected Energy Savings Per Year* $25,130
Customer Cash Flow After Debt Service $4,094

*179,500 KwH @14 Cents per KwH;  assumed an all-in rate