On June 7, 2018, the Montgomery County Green Bank hosted a workshop in Annapolis, Maryland. Titled Thinking Local: Benefits of a Green Bank for Your Community,” this day-long event brought together green bank practitioners from across the country with local county and government officials from Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC, with the purpose of furthering the green bank concept in this region. The workshop provided an opportunity to discuss various aspects of the green bank model, share best practices and learnings as well as provide a forum for questions about how to stand up and operate a green bank, or implement various green bank approaches at the local level.

Part I: The Green Bank Model — Accelerating Local Clean Energy Investment


Part II: Getting Your Green Bank Off the Ground: Products, Funding and
Operational Approaches


We would like to express our gratitude to the Town Creek Foundation, whose funding enabled us to sponsor this event. We’d also like to thank our presenters for taking part in these discussions, and for so generously sharing their knowledge and insight: